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I chose this bear because one of the people we are helping lives in his van. He can camp on state forest land at no extra charge with a Discovery Pass (that PPR provided). While he was camped in a forest not far from our community. He had a clash with a Black bear. The bear attacked his van, damaging it and discouraging him from camping in that forest. Now where can he safely camp? Not in local parking lots or on the streets this is illegal. In another forest with a high bear population? Where would you camp if you were in his situation?

Life in the time of Covid just became more complicated with the explosion of wildfires across the west coast. How can we keep ourselves and our families safe in this stressful time? If you aren’t an evacuee, you are lucky. Our air may be smoke filled and yucky, but we are safe. Our friends and neighbors who have been evacuated aren’t so lucky.

This video is a great short on how to protect yourself and family from lingering airborne virus particles.

https://youtu.be/3z0lr46ZXJ8 https://youtu.be/3z0lr46ZXJ8

Unemployment Hammers the Peninsula

Unemployment in Pacific County skyrocketed upwards in March

2020 by June unemployment figures were creeping downward to 12.4% down, and it is now sliding up again to 13.1%, a 47% increase from last year. As reported in the Chinook , August 26 edition, only healthcare and education employment has remained steady in the county. Other industries are suffering from significant Covid related employment losses from this time last year, the hospitality industry is down 16.3%, manufacturing is down 30.8%, retail trade is off 16.9%, and government jobs have shrunk 9.2%. Although Pacific County is seeing Covid infections recede our economy is not rebounding. The peak business season will soon slowdown into the off season of slow sales. This means there will be more families and individuals for PPR to help.

Weary of wearing a face mask? Tired of social distancing? Are your hands chapped, from washing them for 20 second 20 times a day? You aren’t alone. We’re all tired of life with Covid. This virus swirls the globe infecting millions of people, making our colleagues, friends, neighbors, and families making them sick. After making them sick, it kills lots of them and leaves far too many wrestling with lasting painful side effects. What a terrible virus. Enough. We all want it to leave now.

What’s our plan? We can’t call the Avengers, don’t know their Twitter handle. Can’t call Ghost Busters they are off changing evil ghosts. The answer is wear your face mask, social distance, wash your hands, and avoid social gatherings, bars, card rooms and arcades. What? That doesn’t sound like fun. As my precious niece was prone to saying at age four, “Yuck, yuck, yucky.” That sums the situation up except she had to eat her carrots and we must mask, distance, wash and keep our hands off our faces. Some days I’d really rather be four.

For more information about Covid-19 and its impact on Pacific County visit: https://www.pacificcountycovid19.com/index.html

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