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Income disparity

The Long Beach peninsula is a rural-frontier community, isolated by its geography from the economic engines in the Puget Sound and Portland metro areas. Our communities are charming, quaint, friendly and struggling. The peninsula has missed out on the economic boom that churns Washington’s economy.

$74,073 ­­– Washington state median income                                           

10.3% — Washington state poverty rate                               

$39,895  — Pacific County median income, down $4,951 in one year 

18.6%  — Pacific County poverty rate                                                                     15.4% — Washington state unemployment rate                           

17% — Pacific County unemployment rate

Washington state ranks 10th in overall wealth. Clearly, the Long Beach peninsula has been excluded.






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Poverty on the peninsula

When visitors join our communities for holidays and summer beach fun, one in every four residents they meet is living in poverty. One in every four students in our schools is homeless. Poverty hides behind resorts, it’s tucked down lonely roads, in what appear to be middle class neighborhoods.                                   

  • 17% — of the population of Ilwaco live at or below the federal poverty level
  • 27% — of the populations of Long Beach and Ocean Park also live at or below the federal poverty level. In comparison
  • 25% — of our students lives in an unstable housing situation or is homeless.